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Heated Roosting Bar

On Cold nights turn the Heated Roosting Bar on. It isn’t for everyday use, warming them their feet up while they sleep. Chicken roost, or perch, to sleep at night. By adding a heated roost you give them comfort at night. It is the perfect solution to keep your chickens from literally freezing their toes off!

The bar will never get too warm or harm anything in your coop. That means you can plug it in and walk away knowing your feathered friends will be comfortable and warm even in the dead of winter. It is a safe place for your chickens to perch at night and keeps them warm.

Please Note: The Electrical Package is required for the Heated Roosting Bar. This and other accessories include free shipping when ordered with the coop. If ordered without the coop shipping charges may apply. Please call us prior to ordering.

Guaranteed Lowest Price. We will not be undersold. Call us to match any other price you find.

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