Do you want fresh eggs? People of all ages enjoy collecting fresh eggs every day. Raising chickens in the backyard is increasing in popularity – it is easy and rewarding. Aside from the obvious benefit of having your own fresh eggs, chickens provide natural fertilizer, will eat your unwanted leftovers and add pest control to your backyard.

Your chickens will become part of the family. Chickens have their own personality; they are individually unique, amazing, entertaining and endearing. We know your chickens will love any of our quality built chicken coops. We offer many different styles and sizes and a variety of options to help you create a safe haven for your flock. Customer satisfaction is our goal.

Before for you purchase a Coop check your local city or county zoning codes and your homeowners association on the legality of raising chickens in your neighborhood. Some areas restrict farm animals to only agricultural zones.

It is time to upgrade your current chicken coop or to finally get that coop you always wanted.

Our #1 seller is our Amish Made, Fully Built Products – which arrive ready to use! These are manufactured in the Lancaster, PA area and are of the highest quality. offers Amish Made Chicken Coops, Rabbit Hutches and Run-in Shelters.

Additionally, we offer DIY Kits. These are perfect for customers that have obstacles from allowing us to deliver something already built, and for those that are handy and want a fun weekend project putting the kit together. Our Amish made kits are made in PA and OH. Some of the smaller kits are made in China.

Make ordering easy.  Call us at 1-800-276-0210 and we will walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.

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